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FACEIT Major: London 2018 New Legends Stage Preview

The FACEIT Major: London 2018 is about to enter its New Legends Stage. The 16 teams taking part in it are the best in the world and the matches they will play are full of CS:GO betting opportunities. I this article takes we will take a look at who these […]

FACEIT Major: London 2018 New Challengers Stage Predictions

FACEIT Major: London 2018 is one of the most important tournaments in CS:GO this year. With 24 participating teams and 1 million dollars in prizes, the event provides a tremendous amount of CS:GO betting opportunities. The first stage of FACEIT Major: London 2018, called the New Challengers Stage, is already […]

Dota 2’s Newest Heroes: Grimstroke and Mars

Year after year, the team behind Dota 2 keeps coming up with new hero concepts, expanding the game’s already large hero pool of more than 110. And at The International 2018, two such heroes were presented. The first, called Mars, was only hinted at and is still in development. The […]

OG And The Greatest Dark Horse Story in Esports

The International 2018 was arguably the best edition of this prestigious event, ever. Amazing matches, impossible comebacks and by far the most emotional underdog story since Rocky. OG’s TI 8 adventure began in Europe’s Open Qualifiers. Having secured a place in the Regional Qualifier by defeating Elements Pro Gaming in […]

DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018 Main Event

DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018 is entering its Main Event and only 8 of the initial 16 teams are left in the tournament. Over the next two days, they will be fighting for a chance to be crowned champions of this prestigious event, as well as a share of the $250,000 […]

The International 2018 Group Stage Betting Predictions

The Group Stage of The International 2018 has begun and the next 3 days will be full of Dota 2 betting opportunities. A total of 52 more matches await and the bookmakers will shower you with a huge variety of betting odds for them. This article will give you a […]

Dota 2 Tournament Preview: The International 2018

The International 2018 is the most prestigious Dota 2 event of the year, being nothing less than the world championship of this popular esport. With 18 formidable teams attending it and almost 100 matches to be played in total, The International 2018 offers an enormous amount of Dota 2 betting […]

The International 2018 Main Contenders

The International 2018 is quickly approaching and at this point we know who the main contenders are for this year’s Aegis of Champions. These are most likely the top 4 Dota 2 teams in the world right now: Team Liquid The TI 7 champions have been training hard for the […]

ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2018 Betting Predictions and Preview

ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2018 is a high-level CS:GO LAN event that brings together the top 8 teams in the world. With a massive prize pool of 1 million dollars and the strongest possible rosters in attendance, ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2018 is guaranteed to be a great show for every fan […]

ESL One Cologne 2018 Tournament Preview

ESL One: Cologne 2018 is a prestigious CS:GO LAN event attended by the best 16 teams in the world. The tournament has a prize pool of $300.000 and takes place in Cologne, Germany between July 3rd – 8th. Event format ESL One: Cologne 2018 features 16 amazing teams that will […]

EU LCS Summer Split Week 3 Analysis and Predictions

Week 3 day 2 brings another 5 awesome games in this crazy split, as always we have our expert Kosta here to break down the action. Betting Predictions for Saturday June 30 Team Vitality vs. FC Schalke 04 Esports An interesting matchup of two mid-table teams, this game can certainly […]

The First OWL Regular Season Comes to an End

The first regular season of the Overwatch League is almost at the end. Just 6 more matches are left to be played (3 today and 3 tomorrow, in the Stage 4 Title Matches) and then we’ll have one month of silence before the inaugural season’s Playoffs. This Saturday we will […]

The Overwatch League Stage 4 Week 5 Betting Tips

The 5th and final week of Stage 4 of the Overwatch League is knocking at the door. Just 12 more matches are left to be played until the end of the regular season and the Overwatch betting opportunities they present are remarkable. This article analyzes these opportunities, giving you an […]

ESL One Belo Horizonte 2018 CS:GO Tournament Preview and Predictions

ESL One Belo Horizonte 2018 is the first ESL One tournament held in Brazil. The event brings together 8 CS:GO teams, has a prize pool of $200,000 and is scheduled to take place in Belo Horizonte between June 13th and June 17th. Participants and event format ESL One Belo Horizonte […]

China Dota2 Supermajor Analysis and Betting Predictions

 China Dota2 Supermajor is the last Dota Pro Circuit LAN event of the 2017-2018 competitive season and the final tournament before The International 2018. In addition to its prize pool of 1.5 million dollars, the competition also offers 2250 qualification points for the next TI. A total of 16 teams […]

The Overwatch League Betting Predictions S4W4

Week 4 of Stage 4 of the Overwatch League is already underway and today’s matches offer several Overwatch betting opportunities. This article analyzes these matches but first, let’s have a look at what the teams have done so far in Stage 4. Standings table 1st place: Los Angeles Valiant (7 […]

ESL One Birmingham 2018 Playoffs

The Playoffs stage of ESL One Birmingham 2018 is starting today and only 6 of the initial 12 teams are left in the tournament. The stakes are high for at least 2 of these teams (Fnatic and OpTic Gaming), who have a real chance of climbing into the top 8 […]

The Overwatch League Betting Predictions Stage 4 Week 2

Week 2 of Stage 4 of the Overwatch League is underway and there are six matches to be played: 3 today and 3 tomorrow. As usual, these matches offer some excellent Overwatch betting opportunities. But before I start analyzing them, let’s let’s see the current standings table. Standings table 1st […]

Dota 2 Event: ESL One Birmingham 2018

ESL One Birmingham 2018 is the next to last Dota Pro Circuit LAN event of the 2017-2018 competitive season. The tournament brings together 12 of the world’s best teams and is regarded as a Major, having a prize pool of 1 million dollars and offering a total of 1500 qualification […]

The Overwatch League Betting Tips for S4W1 Day 3, 4

Week 1 of the 4th and final stage of the Overwatch League is well underway and there are only 6 more matches to be played. The pecking order seems to have changed to some degree, with new teams stealing the spotlight from some of the former top contenders. These next […]