Age of Empires II

Age of Empires II: A timeless classic


Real time strategy games are something that can entertain you for years without you every feeling bored for even a single moment. There can never be an excuse for not playing a real time strategy game, except for you not loving video games at all. That’s a different story altogether. But if you love playing games and consider yourself a bit of a strategist then real time strategy games category is the best suited for you. They help you plan and play a game in your own style and be able to enjoy the whole thing without any sort of interference by anybody. It’s like you are in your own world planning it out all by yourself.

Whenever somebody talks about real time strategy games the first name that can pop up is Age of Empires. The Age of Empires series have managed to carve out a territory for themselves and have an extensive following thanks to its classic gameplay and really good graphics and sound that have always been ahead of their time and make the player feel like they are in a whole new dimension. Age of Empires II is no exception. It is one of the best real time strategy games that I have played in my lifetime and trust me when I say one of the best because once you have managed to play Age of Empires II you will not like any other similar games for some time. The game gets a grip on you and you will be forced to play it for hours and days in continuance. It is so addictive for beginners that one may not be able to get up and get away from the screen.


What’s in store?

Age of Empires II has a lot going on when it comes to gameplay. Although the game has a similar gameplay as of the previous installment, the Age of Empires game, there are several great new features that have been added and the game has a lot of improvements in the gameplay that make it highly playable and render it to be one of the best in the market out there. Set in the middle ages, Age of Empires II is playable with thirteen civilizations where the players have an aim to gather resources that can be used to build towns, create their army and defeat the armies of others. The main focus in the game is to build towns and create armies while defeating other armies and all of it is possible by gathering resources. The players can select from any of the thirteen civilizations and build an empire by conquering other rivals.

As the players advance through ages, four to be precise, they tend to unlock new structures, resources and technologies. The four ages are the Dark Age, the Feudal Age, the Castle Age and the Imperial Age. The players need to build structures and units from the current age and only then they can advance to the next one. The game has four types of resources that can be used and these are food, wood, gold and stone. The civilians in the game known as villagers are used to build structures, chop down wood, gather gold and stone after they have received training for the same. The player can build a whole civilization that may include buildings such as a monastery or a market place among others. Building and army also includes having everything from archers to the naval units.

The buildings include two categories, the economic and the military buildings. The most important economic building of all is known as the town center where all the villagers are created and the resources are saved and stored. Other economic buildings include houses for the population, docks and farms etc. The military buildings include archery ranges, stables, castles, barracks and buildings for defense such as walls and towers. Once the players have managed to get to the imperial age, they can get a Wonder constructed. The Wonder is an extremely expensive landmark building that signifies a civilization and building a Wonder renders the building player victorious.

Although there is a multiplayer option for the players to prove their mettle, Age of Empires II is known for its single player option that has extensive campaigns such as William Wallace, Joan of Arc, Saladin, Genghis Khan and Barbarossa with William Wallace being the easiest campaign of them all and the Barbarossa being the toughest one.



Age of Empires II leaves no stone unturned to deliver you a highly entertaining time. It is a great game with really good gameplay that is easy to understand and equally easy to play. Once you have understood the gameplay there will be no stopping you. The game has a lot of features that make it one of the best real time strategy games out there. With several campaigns on offer and a lot for the players to do, there is absolutely no way one might not like it. The graphics are nothing extraordinary but they also not something that would push you off. The sound effects are also good and make the game perfect in a sense.

If you are a real time strategy game lover then you would instantly develop a liking to this game and if you are a beginner who wishes to play this game for the first time then also there is nothing that should stop you from getting your hands on it. You will definitely love this game for all the future hours that you are going to invest in it and will love its awesome gameplay that needs good planning and a high minded strategy for you to be crowned the winner.

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