Battlefield IV

Battlefield IV: Extraordinary Entertainer


There are some games that manage to carve a territory for themselves overtime and that territory is dominated entirely with access to no other game. Battlefield series of games have been one top notch delivery after another. Almost all the Battlefield games have been extremely good with nothing to not like about them. Battlefield IV is no exception to this. It is a game that I admire and like the most amongst this category of games after having played for several hours in continuance and it doesn’t seem to let me go away. My interest in Battlefield IV doesn’t seem to fade away even after having played the game for so long. I don’t know it is about the game that makes it so interesting almost all the time I start with it. The game has all that one can ask for. The game ticks all the boxes right and it is a great ability for a game to have. You not find many games that can give you all the best in class and to have this element present is an achievement in itself.

Electronic Arts is known for developing and publishing top notch games and with Battlefield IV it adds another feather to the cap. Although the whole of the Battlefield series has been great in every sense starting with the first installment, Battlefield IV has entered a whole new dimension. The game takes the series to new heights and distinguishes itself from the rest of the lot. The gameplay is similar to the rest of the games and has a few additions and changes to it making it even more enticing. The graphics and sound effects have also gotten better and it seems that Electronic Arts has achieved perfection with Battlefield IV and the game will be considered in the league of extraordinary game titles in the times to come.


Gameplay Review

Like most of the games in the Battlefield series, Battlefield IV is a first person shooter video game that focuses mainly on the multiplayer game mode, although there is a single player campaign option also but it is somehow not too good being short and also not having too much depth in it. Battlefield IV has a great heads up display that includes the map and compass which the players use for navigation on one corner and health meter and ammo counter on the other corner. The mini-map in the game displays three kinds of entities, orange for enemies, blue for allies and green for squad mates. A great feature that I liked aboutBattlefield IV is that it has an option for the colorblind players to change color indicators.

Battlefield IV has an extended range of weapons to choose from. The players have the option to choose from wide range of weapons that are divided into categories. The game offers primary weapons, secondary weapons and melee weapons and the players have the option at hand to customize their weapons with the help of attachments and accessories such as camouflage skins. Almost all of the weapons have the default setting with respect to firing modes such as automatic and semi-automatic and the players with the help of the weapons can adapt to the environment. The combat abilities of the players have enhanced with Battlefield IV and the players can do a lot more now such as counter melee attacks or fire while swimming in the water. With the single player option there is a campaign mode which features a character that has to complete different assignments that require certain actions and unlock weapons that the player can later use during multiplayer mode. Battlefield IV has become a hot favorite because of the multiplayer option. The multiplayer mode has three divisions, United States, China and Russia. All three of the above divisions have to compete against each other.


Battlefield IV has several map locations where the battles take place and these include Parcel Storm, Siege of Shanghai, Lancang Dam, Flood Zone, Zavod 311, Rogue Transmission, Operation Locker, Dawnbreaker, Hainan Resort and Golmud Railway. There are several modes in the game. Apart from the classic Deathmatch Mode and the Team Deathmatch Mode there are other extraordinary game modes such as the Rush Mode, Domination Mode, the Conquest Mode and two latest additions being the Defuse Mode and Obliteration Mode. The game offers the players to choose vehicles such as armored cars, helicopters, tanks, boats and what not. You name it and you will find it on the list. Customization has also been given high importance with Battlefield IV. All the weapons and means of transport such as jets, vehicles and boats can now be camouflaged with the newest range of camouflage settings that are available.

Final Word

There is nothing, absolutely nothing that you won’t like about Battlefield IV. It is a remarkable game from Electronic Arts that manages to go beyond anyone’s expectations. Battlefield IV offers the best in class features, top of the line graphics, extremely well balanced sound effects and a gameplay that is nothing but the best for the multiplayer option lover. For those who wish to play this game for the first time you should know that once at it, there will be no other game of this kind that you will settle for. It is a fast paced game that offers a high dose of entertainment that you will get addicted to.


The best thing about Battlefield IV is its multiplayer option and the single player option remains a side show to the actual main event and for those who wish to play the game for the first time shouldn’t bother much about the single player campaign and should definitely go for the multiplayer option right from the beginning as it is what you came for. Battlefield IV will surprise you in many ways and is a game that you wouldn’t mind playing for a really long time. It is an extraordinary entertainer that will get you addicted to the screen in absolutely no time. The game will impress you way beyond your expectations.

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