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cr1Clash Royale: A Great Entertainer

The world of mobile gaming has suddenly become so big that you never really know when a game becomes a huge hit and it is only that when a game is widely popular amongst gamers all over the globe with smash hit reviews from everyone you realize how big it has become. With the passage of time I have realized that super hit games don’t have to be launched with much pomp and show and even with a soft launch they can become a smash hit globally in no time. Such is the case with Clash Royale which is not only a highly playable and intriguing game from Supercell, a developer who has garnered attention for releases like Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and Hay Day, but is also a super hit that gained popularity within a short period of time only because of what it offers.

Clash Royale is a great game that offers a lot of entertaining play time and will keep you hooked to the screen like a bee to a lot of honey. It combines a lot of different elements from various gaming platforms. Features and elements from multiplayer online battle arena, collectible card games and tower defense merge into this one piece beautifully. It offers great gaming experience and is a superb offering from the developers who have checked in all the right notes. There is absolutely nothing not to like about Clash Royale and this game delivers a lot more than you might expect from a game from this category.


All about the gameplay

The gameplay is quite simple. The players get ranking by the count of their trophies. Each player levels up when the complete an achievement for which they gain experience points or by donating and upgrading their cards with the highest level being level thirteen. The players can win or lose trophies through multiplayer battles. A battle is won by a player if the player destroys more towers than his or her opponent does or by destroying the King’s tower of the opponent resulting in an immediate three crown victory. The players can choose from twelve different gaming arenas for playing a battle. These arenas include Bone Pit, the Goblin Stadium, Barbarian Bowl, Spell Valley, P.E.K.K.A.’s Playhouse, Royal Arena, the Builder’s Workshop, Jungle Arena, the Frozen Peak, Hog Mountain, the Electro Mountain and the Legendary Arena. There is also a tutorial arena known as Training Camp where players can learn to play the game.

The buildings, spells and playable units in the game are represented by cards and before the beginning of every battle,  the players have to construct a deck of eight cards which they can use for attacking the opponent and for destroying the spells, units and towers of the opponent. As each game begins, every player starts the game with four randomly selected cards from the deck of eight. Every card in the game requires some elixir for playing and the players start the game with five elixir points with each point replenishing every few seconds of the game with a maximum of about ten points at a moment. The game has about eighty cards in total that are divided into four rare categories, Common, Epic, Rare and Legendary. Out of these four rarities, Legendary is the rarest.

Clash Royale offers the players an option to purchase gems using currency in the card shop and further use the gems to enter challenges or start tournaments, purchase chests, gold and cards from the shop. Unless a player has full slots of chests, they will obtain a chest every time they win a multiplayer battle. There are several chests such as Silver Chest, Golden Chest, Giant Chest, Epic Chest, Magical Chest, Super Magical Chest and Legendary Chest. The chests take time to unlock with each having a specific time period ranging from three hours to twenty four hours. The chests include goodies such as cards, gold, chests and gems.  The game offers a lot of additional features such as the option for players to join a clan, or get into a tournament and enter a league depending upon level of a player.



There is not even a single, minutest doubt that Clash Royale is a great, highly entertaining and a future super hit game from SuperCell. The developer has made a great effort with Clash Royale and it seems that they have succeeded with it. Clash Royale is a great collectible game for every player and a must have for every gamer who loves to spend time with such games. In a mad rush for releasing games that become an instant hit and tries to surpass the other games, Clash Royale stands out and forms its own territory. It is a highly competitive and genuinely fresh game that offers more than you can bargain.

I didn’t realize that I had been playing Clash Royale for several hours until my eyes were sore. It is such an engaging game and definitely on my list of top favorites. It is one of those games that is released once a lifetime and manages to get everything right and is perfect in all senses. If you are into mobile gaming and love the MOBA category games, then is is a must have for you and for those who haven’t ventured into similar territory yet, I urge you to step in and enjoy what this son of a gun has to offer. Rest assured you will not be disappointed. Not one bit.

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