Counter Strike: Global Offensive


Counter Strike: Global Offensive- A Remarkable Update to the Classic Series

For those who haven’t played Counter Strike ever would not know what it feels like to play an over the top and ahead of time multiplayer first-shooter game because Counter Strike is a game that gamers from all over the world choose to play over any other similar game. Why? Well, there is a long list of reasons to back that up. Whether it’s the graphics, the sound effects in the game, the various modes, the different environments and locations for players to choose from or the most remarkable feature of them all, a classic theme that pits the terrorists against the anti-terrorists, everything about the Counter Strike series is extraordinary. All these reasons have contributed in making the Counter Strike series one of the most popular in the whole wide world and Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a great addition to the famous series. Prior to my bout with the game I had thought that there would be a lot of difference in the game that will set it apart from the previous installments. However, upon playing the game for a few hours I realized that it is not a brand new game but only an update to the previous games in the Counter Strike series and a very good one indeed.


Here’s what first timers need to know about the game

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-shooter game where the players get to be in a team of either the terrorists or the anti-terrorists. Both the teams have one objective and that is to eliminate the other team and whichever team does that first, wins. The game is highly competitive and is objective based where the players need to complete objectives such as securing locations, rescuing or guarding hostages and to plant or defuse a bomb among others. As each round ends, the players are rewarded with in-game currency based on their performance,which they can spend on buying modifications for their weapons or buy better arms and ammunition. The arms and ammunition in the game are based on real time weapons and the players can choose from a large number of weapons that are divided into various categories such as rifles, sub-machine guns, pistols and grenades among others.


Counter Strike: Global Offensive has eight different game modes. The Competitive Mode, Casual Mode, Death Match, Arms Race, Demolition Mode, Wingman Mode, Flying Scoutsman and the Weapons Course. Out of these modes the Competitive Mode is the most serious amongst all and is also my personal favorite, wherein the players are pitted against each other in either of the two teams in a 45 minute match. The Death Match and Arms Race are also extraordinary amongst the rest of the modes but are less serious than the Competitive Mode.

The other two modes that have become popular amongst longtime gamers in recent times are the Wingman Mode and the Demolition Mode and players who love Counter Strike: Global Offensive, spend a lot of time on these two modes as well. Counter Strike: Global Offensive does not allow players to respawn in most of the modes once they are killed during an ongoing round, like in most other first-shooter games and so it is quite important that players observe caution and skill while playing the game because once they are killed during combat in an ongoing round, they will not be able to play until the next round. The respawning feature is only available in the Arms Race mode in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.


Counter Strike: Global Offensive has a lot to offer. There is hardly anything that disappoints you. The best part about Counter Strike: Global Offensiveis that even though it feels more like an update of the previous games in the Counter Strike series, it still manages to stand out thanks to its top of the line graphics and some really cool sound effects that make you feel as if you are inside the game. The graphics of the game are extremely good with special care about the detailing and the tiny bits in the visuals that help the player have a real time experience. It is not a cutting edge game but still manages to impress you with whatever there is on offer. Sound plays an important role with games like these and Counter Strike: Global Offensive makers have left no stone unturned to deliver the best in class sound effects that help you have a great run throughout no matter how much or how long you play. Even after several long hours at a stretch you will not feel bored or uninterested in any way and there will always be an urge to play more.


Counter Strike: Global Offensive makes use of the best graphics and sound effects and offers extraordinary gameplay that boasts of several modes, a wide range of weapons to choose from and a lot of different locations that the players can get into. Apart from this the customization options with regard to the appearance or the arms and ammunition is simply an icing on the cake. All in all Counter Strike: Global Offensive is an engaging game that will keep you interested for a very long time and there is hardly anything that you will not like about it even after you have put in several hundred hours into it.

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