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cf1Cross Fire- A game for those with guts

Cross Fire is one of the most popular online games in the whole world and is one of the best online combat games out there. It is one of those games that are destined to take the online gaming industry by storm. With not so bad graphics and a wide range of modes to choose from, Crossfire is definitely going to impress you, that is of course if you like combat games.Since I am an avid fan of combat games, I was a bit skeptical about Cross Fire as I had my doubts about it. However, all that changed when I had my first run with it. I had a great play time with Crossfire as the game was in itself quite engaging. I had no idea that the game would impress me so much. With all that was in store for me, I didn’t realize that I had been playing the game for several hours at a stretch without blinking an eye. My time with the game was absolutely perfect because there was a lot to do with all the different game modes, map locations, the large number of weapons that I could choose from and most importantly, I was the character inside the game. The most stunning thing about Cross Fire is that the player gets to be the character inside the game so that every character is unique when it comes to appearance.


The Cross Fire Gameplay:

Cross Fire is a free-to-play online game that features the “Global Risk” and “Black List” corporations that oppose each other. The players need to choose from either of the two corporations and play as a mercenary on either Black List’s side or Global Risk’s side. Once the player has joined one out of the two teams, it then needs to complete objective based scenarios along with its online team members. While playing the various modes, the player becomes part of an eight member team except for the Zombie Mode and the Wave Mode. The player begins the game as a trainee and rises up the military ranks as the game progresses and the performance of the player gets better with Marshall being the highest rank. Although the game has several modes within it, my personal favorite is the classic Team Death Match as well as the Zombie Mode.


What the game has to offer:

Cross Fire has a lot to offer when it comes to gameplay and is an absolutely outstanding online game. With a wide variety of modes and guns to choose from, Cross Fire is definitely going to be an engaging game for first timers. There are many modes in the game, a large list of arms and ammunition to choose from, different locations and my personal favorite feature, that you get to play with a unique character. The game has modes like Team Death match, Ghost Mode, Free for all, Zombie Mode, Hero Mode, Mutation Mode and the list goes on totaling to about seventeen different modes that are all top class. There are about a dozen different scenarios where the game can be played and players have the option to select either of the said locations.

The game offers a wide range of weapons to choose from based on real life models belonging to different categories. You will be able to choose from machine guns, assault rifles, snipers and what not. You name it and you will find it on the list. The weapons are similar to the real life models for example if you wish to choose a machine gun then it will be heavy and will have a better shooting range with heavier artillery. The sub machine gun on the other hand will be lighter in weight, have lighter artillery and will pose to be a close range weapon. The players also have the option to customize their weapons such as the player can have a custom color of the weapon, have a custom skin to choose from or have modifications done to it.


The best part about Cross Fire is that every character is unique. The character is the avatar of the player which makes every character in the game visually different from another character. However, there is no difference in the characteristics, skills or other features of the characters. The uniqueness is only limited to the appearance part and inside all characters are the same. The player will almost always feel like being inside the game due to this particular feature. Then there are the map locations, which are almost a dozen in number.The players can choose to play in the background of their choice as per their own taste and liking. The players can be whoever they want to be, the terrorist or the anti-terrorist while playing Cross Fire.

Cross Fire is absolutely perfect for those who love combat games and is one of the best out there.With so many different combat games coming out every year, Cross Fire is surely the one that holds its ground and stands out of the crowd. The game is simple and doesn’t have too many issues. Except for the above average graphics and the minor issues with the sound part, there is hardly any other thing with the game that the players will not like. The gameplay is easy and highly likeable and even with the above average graphics the player will always have a real life experience. The game at no point gets boring or uninteresting and with all the features and different modes on offer, there is nothing that one won’t like about the game. I had a great time playing Crossfire and it was nothing less than remarkable. Minus the above two issues with the game and you have an absolute winner. Although, they are hardly anything that you will even notice while playing the game since you will be so much into the game enjoying your time and that too every second of it.

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