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Dead or Alive 4: Intriguing and addictive

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There are few fighting games in the gaming world that can offer great visuals and an equally great gameplay. Dead or Alive is one such game that delivers more than what it promises. The Dead or Alive series has been around for too long and it has so far managed to be a hit amongst gamers just because of all that visual candy in the game and the exciting fast paced gameplay. Every game that has been released in the Dead or Alive series has been a great success and the games have been popular amongst most of the gamers. There is a reason for all that. Dead or Alive has always been popular for its visual eye candy that comes in the shape of its characters. Beautiful female characters, fighting each other in an arena, what more can you ask for. Dead or Alive 4 is no exception either. It is an equally great installment that comes packed with additional features, new modes and newer characters that make it one of the best game in the Dead or Alive series so far.

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The gameplay is almost the same as the original Dead or Alive and there are changes only to the graphics, sound and the addition of new characters and modes. All these new features make Dead or Alive 4 a must have for the lovers of fighting games. There are hardly any issues with the gameplay and you will not complain about it at all. Although the game could have been better in a lot of ways such as graphics and sound effects but these can be ignored, given the fact that the gameplay overall is a masterpiece. If you love spending time on your console playing fighting games then this definitely belongs to your collection as you will love it for a lot of reasons.


The game revolves around the story of Helena Douglas who has now taken over the Dead or Alive Tournament Committee as chairman and is determined to remove the corruption from the organization by all means. There is also an ongoing war between the Dead or Alive Tournament Executive Committee and the MugenTenshin Ninja Clan that is headed by Hayate who intends to destroy the Dead or Alive Tournament Executive Committee at all costs. The game features twenty two playable characters out of which three characters, Kokoro, Lisa and Eliot are new and the rest are from the previous installments. Apart from these characters there are unlockable characters in Dead or Alive 4 such as Spartan 458, Gen Fu, Leon and Tengu.

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There six modes in the game. Story mode being the first in line, where the players can choose a character and play with it while knowing about its background. Second is the Free Play Mode where the players get to fight one on one or two on two battles. Third is the Team Battle Mode, which features teams of different characters who fight each other and each team consists of eight characters on each side. Next is the Time Attack Mode where the player must defeat a set number of opponents within a period of time. The Survival Mode is where the player has to defeat as many opponents as possible. Last but not the least is the DOA Online that is available on the Xbox 360 and is similar to the Versus Mode.

All the characters and the modes make up for a great game that delivers beyond what is promised. The game’s graphics and sound is top notch and there is hardly any issue with the playability of Dead or Alive 4.


Dead or Alive 4 is great game. A lot of people will argue against it religiously by saying that it lacks in a hundred ways. But let me tell you something. There is no game out there that doesn’t have flaws and the issues with this game are negligible and can be ignored any given day. While playing the game, you won’t feel a thing and there will hardly be any complaint from your side. The game is intriguing and addictive and will get to you in no time. The graphics are excellent and the sound effects have also been done nicely. The game is fast paced and there aren’t any sorts of glitches at any point of time.

There are lots of factors that contribute to the game’s great playability factor and it is a must have game for those who love fighting games. The veterans who have been playing Dead or Alive games for ages will instantly have a liking to it and the players who have been playing other games from the fighting category will also be immensely impressed by what all this game has to offer. The game delivers a lot of fun time that doesn’t stress you out, which is why Dead or Alive 4 is a game that will be loved by all especially gamers who are venturing into the fighting games territory for the first time. The game is definitely going to get you addicted in no time and you will be smitten with it for a very long period. There is no doubt about it. I had a great time playing this game and didn’t realize that I had been at it for a very long time and I am sure you will be entertained too without getting bored even for single second.

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