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Halo 2: Best of the lot


The thing about first person shooter games is that they are highly intriguing and they keep people highly involved and interested for a very long time. While playing a first person shooter game at a stretch you hardly feel the urge or need to get up and go away from the screen. In fact, with such games it is always a case that you stick to the screen even if there is a calamity heading your way. You simply cannot resist the way these games manage to smite you with their awesome gameplay and there is no way for you to get out of the addiction. When talking about addictive first person shooter games a name that crops up right away is Halo. The Halo series has been one of the best first person shooter games out there in the market and have been on the list of top games of most gamers in the world.

Every game that has been released by Microsoft Game Studios belonging to the Halo series has been one hell of a game after another and the Halo 2 is no exception to that. Halo 2 has been one of the best games amongst the rest in the series and not only that it has climbed to the top of the list for most gamers in the world today. Why? Because it has a lot of stuff that most gamers seek from a first person shooter video game and there is hardly anything to complain about. Halo 2 is based on the foundation that was laid by the original Halo and the said foundation is definitely a strong one. Even though the game has a short campaign and not so impressive storyline, Halo 2 is a great game that delivers some of the most amazing moments one can enjoy and a fast paced, thrilling and unique time in the several modes that are offered. The game features an excellent gameplay and boasts of some of the most remarkable features, graphics and sound effects that a game can have. The multiplayer mode and the highly playable campaign with some really great components add to the game’s overall appeal. There are however some shortcomings in the game but they can be ignored for the fact that the game is otherwise feature packed and because of its gameplay, is one of the best shooter games out there today.


What’s in store?

The game packs in a lot of punch. It has some of the best features that any game out there belonging to the first person shooter category can have. The gameplay revolves around a short and uninteresting storyline where the humans have to fight the Covenant which is an alien race that wishes to see the end of the human race. The original Halo ended with the defeat of the Covenant and Halo 2 picks up where the previous game ended. The players have to defeat enemies belonging to the Covenant by progressing through levels using human and alien weapons and vehicles. During the game, the players can choose to fight their enemies with the help of two weapons with each weapon having its own advantages and disadvantages.


The Campaign Mode of the game offers a single player option as well as a multiplayer cooperative participation. The player has to complete certain series of events that revolve around the game’s storyline. There are four difficulty levels that the player has to progress through and these are Easy, Normal, Heroic and Legendary.The players will find hidden content during gameplay such as Easter eggs, hidden objects, weapons and messages that help with going forward with the levels of the game. Then there is the Multiplayer Mode where the players get to compete with each other on split screens and with a larger number of people online. What’s totally new to Halo 2 is the fact that the players can now board and capture alien vehicles which is one of the coolest things I liked about the game. There are other highly significant improvements in Halo 2 that the original Halo lacked. The battles now take place on a grander scale that involves several enemies trying to get their hands on you. The game offers several new weapons such as the Covenant Beam rifle, the energy sword, the covenant carbine, the sub machinegun and the brute shot among others.


Halo 2 is a great improvement over its predecessor and even though it is based on the same storyline as well as the foundation laid by the original game, Halo 2 manages to carve a territory of its own. The breathtaking graphics that involve some of the most remarkable visual effects and the pristine sound effects of the game make it one of the best games in the world today. The game delivers beyond expectations on all accounts and provides a thrilling and top notch experience.


There is not too much to complain about except for the short campaign that the game has and the uninteresting storyline. Other than that it’s a total winner that offers you a highly entertaining time with memorable and unique moments that force you to go at it again and again. There is no doubt about the fact that Halo 2 is one of the best games that are available out there right now and is also one of the best of the lot in the Halo series. You will not be disappointed with what’s on offer and will desperately be playing it for several hours non-stop. The single player option does not last long but the multiplayer lives forever and this is where you will most of your fun.

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