Hearthstone: A legendary release

I have never been a big fan of online collectible card video games in the past. But, as they say a person’s choices change with time, my thoughts about collectible card games changed with Hearthstone. The vary first time I played the game I had an instant liking for it and even after playing the game for several hours at a stretch and having played it for several hundred times, turn after turn, my liking for it doesn’t seem to fade away, at least not anytime soon. Hearthstone is a dazzling game with all the features that you need while playing a collectible card game. The graphics, gameplay, sound and the overall appeal of the game is simply fantastic. It is absolutely brilliant how Blizzard has developed the game. While at it for hours and hours, not once did I care to blink an eye or feel like exiting and shifting to something else. Hearthstone does not disappoint at any point.

Although it has those minor issues but they can easily be ignored. The game’s design is highly player friendly and has a flexible and easy approach amongst all of the games that fall in the free to play online category. Hearthstone has easily managed to impress me and pull me into a domain, which I had never ever cared about in past. What is even more incredible is that the game has managed to get me hooked for so many hours, more than any other similar game that I have played previously.


About the gameplay

Hearthstone is an online free to play collectible card game that Blizzard has managed to put forward brilliantly. The game uses characters from the famous Warcraft series and is one of the most amazing games that I have played in recent times belonging to its category. Hearthstone’s gameplay involves turn based matches between two opposing players using decks that are pre-made. There are different game modes that the players can choose from and each mode offers a different experience every time.

Although the game begins with a limited set of basic cards, the players can choose rare and more powerful cards once they acquire them as the game progresses by purchasing card packs or as rewards in few of the modes that the game has. The game does not allow any sort of card trading with other players. However the players have the option to disenchant cards that they don’t like into arcane dust that can be used for creating newer cards according to the choice of the player. The game allows the players to customize their decks in order to increase their winning chances and earn rewards. Hearthstone offers the players with daily quests that have to be completed and the quests are carried over until and unless they are completed and completing quests results in the players earning in game gold and other rewards. The gold that has been earned by a player upon completing quests can be used for getting booster packs, access to adventure wings and entry tickets to the arena. Real time money can also be spent to purchase these things or exclusive items like card back skins and alternate heroes.


Since Hearthstone is set within the famous Warcraft universe, the characters in the game are from the ever famous Warcraft lore. The players get to choose characters already seen in the world of Warcraft. The players get to play a one-on-one battle with opponents and are turn based with players casting spells, equipping weapons, replacing a player’s hero with a Death Knight Hero or calling upon minions to do the battle on behalf of a player. A player can choose to play the game with another player or with a computer controlled opponent. Each player gets to choose a character from the Warcraft lore belonging to one of the nine different classes. The classes that are available for the players to choose their characters from are Priest, Warlock, Mage, Paladin, Druid, Warrior, Rogue, Hunter and Shaman. As the match begins, the players get to draw cards from their decks that include thirty cards after they are shuffled. After a random selection of either of the players to go first, the first player to play chooses three cards and the second one chooses four cards followed by alternate turns by both the players. The players use the powers of their heroes from the cards in order to defeat their opponent by casting spells or by using the powers and abilities of the heroes.

Hearthstone includes several game modes that are slightly different from one another. The game modes include, Play Mode, Solo Adventures, Duels, Tavern Brawl Mode, Arena Mode and the Tutorial Mode where the players get to learn the gameplay before they get into the real thing.


The Final Word

Hearthstone is a great game for those who love online collectible card games. It offers depth without the complexities and is quite playable without the players having to spend a lot of their money. The graphics, atmosphere, top of the line sound effects and the overall speed of the game make it even more enticing. The icing on the cake is that all of it is for free. Hearthstone is a fun filled game that will keep you hooked for hours and hours without you getting bored or disappointed at any point of time. It is an addictive game that offers a lot to the players. It has simple rules and is easy to learn however is not easy to master. All in all it’s a well-executed package from Blizzard that offers players a great time and an extremely good overall experience with players almost always desiring for more.

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eSports Guru