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hne1Heroes of Newerth: It grows on you

There are very few games that you fall in love with eventually and that too without you knowing it. Heroes of Newerth is one such game that grows on you with time and you simply can’t resist it anymore.It is an addictive game that is hard to let go. It has made a distinct place in the MOBA category and is one of a kind in some ways. Heroes of Newerth is a game for those who love MOBA category games and like nothing but games with their own universe. It is one of the leading games in the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena category. The concept is simple overall and one can understand it easily. It is easy for beginners to understand and has nothing that one won’t like about it. It offers a lot of competitive gaming time and is a must have for those who want serious gaming. Heroes of Newerth is a top of the line game that delivers on all accounts. S2 Games has tried to fill in all the boxes and has in some way managed to do so. It is a fast paced game that keeps the players hooked to the screen for several long hours and for beginners I am sure it is not going to disappoint.

What’s in it for gamers?

Heroes of Newerth is one hell of a game. It offers more than one can think of. Gameplay is simple. There are two teams, The Legion and The Hellbourne and the players get to play against other players from either of the two teams. The teams are pitted against each other from different corners of the map in their own bases. The bases of the teams consist of buildings of the teams, creep spawn points, towers of the teams, a central building and a hero spawning pool. Both teams have one goal and that is to destroy the Central Structure of the other teams, which is the Sacrificial Shrine for The Hellbourne and the World Tree for Legion. Players from both teams can achieve this task by selecting heroes that have unique combat skills to defeat the other team.


The game has several modes that are extremely good for gamers.  The modes are Normal Mode, Player-Hosted Mode, Casual Mode and Co-op Mode. The Co-op Mode matches a player with other players or computer controlled players to combat an opposing computer controlled team. In the Player Hosted Mode, the players get to customize the game and then ask other players to join it while being the host. The Normal Mode and the Casual Mode are somewhat similar with only few differences such as experience earning through the gameplay and an increased amount of gold.

One of the best things about Heroes of Newerth is the large number of heroes that a player can choose from. The list of heroes that a player can choose includes almost 136 heroes. The heroes have four capabilities that a player gains with the help of experience gain during the game or when the hero levels up. The abilities of the heroes grow when the hero levels up. The players earn in game gold which they can use for buying items that increases the power and skills of a particular character. All heroes are grouped by their main attribute that includes either of the three, their Agility, Intelligence or their Speed. Heroes with Agility rely on basic attacks that they have while they increase their armor and speed of attack. Heroes with Intelligence use their abilities to the maximum level and also use the Manathat they have. Strength heroes have the capability of Health regeneration and can sustain the most amount of damage. All the heroes are group further by the kind of attack they use which are two in number. The first is Melee and the second is Range. The Range heroes can attack enemies from far away and Melee heroes can only attack an enemy that is next to them. Melee heroes are close range heroes and can only attack nearby opposing characters. The graphics of the game are not bad at all. They are in sync with most modern releases and offer superb visual experience. The sound effects of the game are also great. The sound is good according to the gameplay as there is no lag and the sound effects keep up with the game beautifully.


Final Word

Heroes of Newerth is in a league of its own. It is one of the most intriguing games belonging to the MOBA category. Gamers who have played other popular MOBA games will definitely like this one a lot and this game is definitely a must have for all MOBA gamers who seek extreme gaming with high competitiveness. The game gets regular updates and is highly balanced overall. The large list of heroes to choose from makes sure that all players get to choose a distinct hero. The game offers a lot of fun time and is overall entertaining in every sense. It is all in all a great game belonging to the MOBA category and is one of the best one around today. Gamers who love strategy games will love this piece and will not leave the screen once they start playing it. It is a highly intriguing and entertaining game that puts you in a place where you won’t be disappointed even for a single moment. Everything top class makes Heroes of Newerth a must have for all those in love with tactical multiplayer games.

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