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hos1Heroes of the Storm: A superb game from a great developer

For me, Blizzard is one of those game developers that have managed to stick around for this long and be able to make one jaw dropping game after another. Its Warcraft universe has managed to be one of the most successful series available out there and it just doesn’t stop there. Blizzard has been innovative throughout and has delivered some of the best games to mankind. Heroes of the Storm is no exception to the winning streak that Blizzard has been on for so long. Heroes of the Storm is a fantastic game developed by Blizzard that has definitely managed to keep me hooked to the screen for several hours at a stretch and I still keep desiring for more even though I have played a lot already. It just doesn’t seem to get boring or uninspiring at any point of time. The company believes that Heroes of the Storm falls in a league of its own and is not just a “multiplayer online battle arena”or an “action real time strategy”. Whatever category it is, one thing is for sure that Heroes of the Storm is a top of the line product delivered by Blizzard. I had a fairly good time playing it all this time and to sum it all up I’d say it is just perfect.


What’s in store?

Well, the game offers everything one needs. It has some of the best graphics, really nice sound effects, a lot of great game modes and most of all, it is really entertaining. Players will never seem to get bored with this son of a gun from Blizzard. Blizzard has been quite strategic with Heroes of the Storm. It has tried every trick in the book to deliver a masterpiece and has in some way managed to do that. Well, almost. Heroes of the Storm borrows characters from Blizzard’s other games such as Diablo, Warcraft, StarCraft, The Lost Vikings and Overwatch. Heroes of the Storm uses the “freemium” and the free to play models perfectly and supports micropayments that can be used for purchasing heroes, mounts and visual alterations for the heroes within the game.

Heroes of the Storm is a game that has a great gameplay. The gameplay is quite simple and does not confuse the players at any point of time. The game includes online five versus five matches that are operated and played through Blizzard’s online gaming service. Each player has the option to choose from a list of heroes and different game modes that include playing against other players or computer controlled heroes. At the start of the game, the players can choose from a temporary list of heroes that are available for use as being free from a weekly rotation. Players can gain access to a hero permanently through micro transactions or by using gold coins and other in game currency.  The game has more than seventy heroes in totality that are divided into four separate roles. The first is the Assassins, second is the Warriors, third is the Specialists and fourth role is the Supports.


Heroes of the Storm has around fourteen maps that can be used for playing the game with each map having its own distinct objective for the player to be secured and have different kinds of victory conditions. Each team gains experience points upon being near enemy units at the time when they are killed and the points are shared amongst all team members. As the team reaches the height of the experience point’s ladder, each hero on the team moves to an upper level with increase in powers and abilities. After a few levels, players have the option to select a brand new ability or augment one of the existing abilities of the character. The thing I liked a lot during my time with the game is that the characters get to choose different animals that they can mount such as horses, unicorns or lizards in order to increase their speed.

Heroes of the Storm offers different game modes such as the Versus A.I. mode, the Tutorials mode, Training mode, Ranked mode, Unranked mode, Quick Match, Custom Games and the Heroes Brawl mode. The Heroes Brawl mode has three different sub categories that include Arenas, Single Lanes and Mutators. The Ranked mode also has two modes within it. The first is the Heroes League and the second is the Team League. The game uses matchmaking based on the ratings of different players in order to pit them against each other and get everyone evenly matched using a famous rating system with proprietary adjustments.


Final Word

Heroes of the Storm is one of those games that you would love to play all the time with the play time extending to several hours at a stretch. Since the matches in the game end shortly, you will always be thinking of playing one more leading to hours of entertainment. The great environment, top class graphics and sound effects contribute to all of the action in to most versatile manner. You will stick to the screen like anything and will not wish to leave at any point. The game’s familiar characters offer a great gaming experience and the game itself delivers a graceful and unique gaming time. Thanks to the fantastic features that the game provides, you will entertain your soul for unlimited hours of enjoyment with this great casual yet competitive game from one for the best game developers around. It is nothing that short of superb and is a perfect delivery from Blizzard.

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