Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct: An instant winner

There are games that achieve legendary status after their launch and then there are games which become an instant hit amongst gamers and when the time comes for the next installment they fade away from the scene. Killer Instinct is one such game that belongs to the latter category. It became an instant hit, was loved by people all over the world and then it just disappeared from the gaming world only to be reborn as the latest Killer Instinct. Although there was another sequel to the original Killer Instinct game but it wasn’t much fun and several gamers who were diehard fans of the first Killer Instinct game chose to give the second game from the series a pass. Almost a decade passed by and Double Helix decided to launch the third installment of the series, the latest Killer Instinct and believe me when I say that it has all the attributes required to be a super hit. Double Helix has an instant winner at their hands once again.

Killer Instinct is one of those games that garner major attention from a very large number of gamers all over the world and there is a reason for that. The game has some of the best graphics, really astounding sound effects and a remarkable gameplay that makes you stick to the screen for endless number of hours. The current Killer Instinct has made remarkable progress from the previous installments in the series and it seems that Double Helix has put in extra efforts to make the game a remarkable winner. Killer Instinct is a fighting game that has been launched for Xbox and Windows platforms and is one of the best games available out there. The game keeps you entertained for long hours and manages to mesmerize you in a magical way.

About the gameplay

Killer Instinct is a fighting game that focuses mainly on the one-on one combat. It has single player as well as multi player options and is loosely based on the Street Fighter as well as Mortal Kombat fighting games as it borrows a lot from these two games. Killer Instinct has several features that set it apart from other fighting games. These features are the Double Energy bar that defines the energy of the player and if a player defeats the energy of the other the battle stops and resumes like a fresh round. Then the game has automatic combos which are performed by a character automatically without having to press a lot of button combinations. The game also has a Combo Breaker feature that helps the player to break away from a combo attack by the opponent. There are other distinctive features such as Counter Breaker, Knockdown Value and the Instinct Mode that set the game apart from rest of the popular franchises.


There are several characters in the game that all have their own moves and combos. Each player has a special set of skills and abilities. The fighting technique of every player is different from the other characters and the game seems balanced in a way as far as the powers and strengths of the characters are concerned. Each character in the game has a storyline that can be unveiled with the progress in the game. The game’s combat is smooth and Double Helix has removed almost all of the issues present with the previous games from the Killer Instinct series. Killer Instinct has several modes such as the Practice Mode, the Dojo Mode, Survival Mode and the Versus Mode that are most interesting. The game doesn’t have an Arcade Mode but the modes that are present are quite intriguing and fun to play. Since the game doesn’t have a large list of characters, you will have to make do with only a handful of characters although they are all top class. The game is balanced in every proportion and the combat gets exciting and nasty at times. You simply don’t have to think about a lot of buttons for delivering combos as the game does it for you.

Once you have learned how to play like a pro through the Dojo Mode or the Practice Mode and are fully confident about your skills, it is time for you to take the fight online and face tougher opponents. You will be surprised to see how good other players actually are. After having fought battle after battle rigorously I realized that I was still a rookie who has to learn a lot. Anyways, I still had a lot of fun playing the game even with a small list of characters.



The game is a far more superior installment when compared to the previous games in the Killer Instinct series. The graphics of the game have improved significantly and the sound effects manage to be exactly the way they should be. The game is balanced and smooth with no visible lags that I encountered during my time with the game. The only downside about the game is the short list of characters to choose from. The list of characters could have been bigger. Apart from this there is nothing much to complain about and Killer Instinct is complete in all senses. Killer Instinct is definitely going to impress you as it impressed me and you will be playing it for several hours at a stretch. Double Helix has recreated the classic game into a much better version and with this latest installment Double Helix is bound to witness instant success at their hands for sure.

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