Overwatch: A marvel by Blizzard


Blizzard has been famous for its multimedia online games such as the outrageously famous Warcraft series that has transpired into a legendary epic as of today. Blizzard entertainment has always focused on such games and has evolved into one of the best developers today thanks to the kind of games it has been releasing. Nobody could have imagined in their wildest dreams that Blizzard would release a first person shooter game such as Overwatch. Looking by the state of the gaming industry that is highly dominated by top of the line first person shooters, the release of a first person shooter from Blizzard was destined. It was bound to happen. Today with Overwatch as a top class game from a developer known for its massively multiplayer online role playing games the gaming industry has been pumped in with fresh air.


Overwatch is a game that not only is absolutely fresh and overwhelming but is also one of the most exciting, surprising and overly intriguing first person shooter games that is available out there in the market. With Overwatch, Blizzard has hit another masterstroke and things couldn’t get any better than this. The game is far more superior than its competition and is amazingly entertaining considering the list of features it has. Overwatch comes with some really great gaming modes, a large list of characters to choose from, marvelous weapons that make the game superb and a great gameplay that puts the game to a level that is matched by few other games. There is hardly anything that can be said in a negative way for the game and Overwatch scores really good marks at least from me since I have been playing the game for too long now and it doesn’t appear that I’ll be bored with it any time soon. It seems to me that my desire for an all-rounder first person shooter game has been fulfilled. Finally.


Overwatch is basically an online multiplayer first person shooter game that is team based where the players are divided into two teams consisting of six players each. Each player gets to choose a character from a list of twenty characters with each character having its own unique way of fighting, a unique style and differentiated abilities. These characters are known as “heroes” and have divided roles based on their capabilities. The roles have been divided into four categories. The first is Offense where the characters have high speed and attack but low defense. The second category is Defense where the characters form choke points for the enemies. The third category isTank where the characters have a strong armor and they draw away fire from teammates while withstanding a lot of damage. The fourth category is Support where the characters provide buffs such as healing etc. for the allies and debuff for the enemies.


The players in each team have the sole objective and that is to secure and defend control points on a map. Each player from a team is given an advice by the game before the battle begins about the team being unbalanced such as the team having too many defense characters or too many offense characters. The characters in the game have a unique skill or primary attack and at least two additional skills that can be used anytime. If a player keeps on defeating opponents then the character used by the player will develop an “ultimate skill” which is evident through a meter that shows the progress in skill development and the player can use the ultimate skill anytime.

The game has several map types such as Assault, Escort, Hybrid and Control. In the Assault map the attacking team has the objective of capturing two target points on the map and the defending team has to stop them. In the Escort map, the attacking team has to escort a particular payload to a delivery point within specified time period and the defending team has to stop them. The Hybrid map is a mixture of Assault and Escort. The attacking team has to capture a payload and then take it to the team’s own destination and the defending team has to hold them back. The Control map includes both teams trying to capture and control a common control point until one of them achieves a hundred percent capture percentage. The control mode is decided by best-of-three format and no team has an advantage over the other as the maps are laid out in a symmetric fashion. Three other maps exist in the game’s Arcade mode, Elimination, Deatchmatch and Capture the Flag. The gameplay has several modes such as tutorials, matchmaking, weekly brawls competitive play and custom games among others.



Blizzard has killed it with Overwatch. The game offers more than anyone could have ever thought of. The gameplay is really nice and intriguing for most gamers. The list of characters to choose from and the number of maps and game modes make the game fun and exciting for a very long time. The game will not disappoint you as far as the graphics and sound effects are considered. In fact, the graphics in Overwatch are some of the best out there. There is a lot of attention towards detail and Blizzard it seems was determined to make the game look far more visually appealing than any other first person shooter video game out there.

There are no lags during gameplay and the game run smoothly. The attacks and response timings of the characters in the game are absolutely mind blowing and Blizzard has neared perfection with Overwatch as far as the action is concerned. There aren’t many issues with the game apart from the fact that getting selecting into a bad team makes you want to cry. The game’s inventive and varied action is a lot of fun and the game will keep on surprising you constantly. Overwatch is a game that is all about having fun and getting entertained all the while using your brain as the biggest weapon. Overwatch will definitely impress you with its charming personality and Blizzard has delivered a marvelous piece for first person shooter lovers of the world.

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eSports Guru