Painkiller: A very well put together first person shooter


The thing about first person shooters is that they have become gaming’s distinguished genre for the past over a decade now and have a fan following that doesn’t seem to fade away anytime soon. I have myself been very much impressed by several of the first person shooter video games that have proved to be great entertainers over the years. Those who have been playing first person shooter video games know for a fact that over the past decade these games have become much more complicated by the day and every new game that comes forward is a bit of a disappointment actually as it seems that makers have forgotten the rule of making intriguing games that entertain rather than make a player get confused and frustrated. Such is not the case with Painkiller.

Painkiller is one of those games that come once in a blue moon and manage to deliver more than what is expected out of a game coming from a small developer. It has managed to carve a niche for itself and has become famous for being a simple yet intriguing game that entertains the players beyond expectations. Painkiller is game that is simple yet it manages to provide a lot of bloody, in your face action packed entertainment that you would generally expect from a similar first person shooter. It is a spectacular old school game that delivers remarkably on all ends be it the graphics or the sounds. If you are a first person shooter fan who loves to blast a few people every now and them or enjoy getting into the classic death match mode of a game then you will definitely be impressed and mesmerized by Painkiller. For a very long time that is.



Painkiller’s gameplay is based around a plot that is told around uninteresting scenes during the game’s five chapters. The main protagonist of the game is Daniel Garner who dies in a car crash and is given a choice by the holy forces to fight for them against Lucifer and his horde of the unholy. Lucifer’s forces are planning to wage a war against heaven and it is on Daniel’s shoulders to stop them all. With the help of some over the top weapons that have amazing force with them, Daniel gets to slay a horde of monsters in each chapter and at the end of the said chapter gets to fight and kill a mammoth of a monster who seems to be the boss of the rest of the monsters from the said chapter.

The game consists of several levels that have to be completed one after another in a similar fashion. The character gets to kill all kinds of evil ranging from psycho killers, monsters, biker dudes, samurais and what not. The level starts with the character going towards the enemies thanks to the pointer at the screen that somehow manages to take you to exactly where the enemies are. As you reach the enemies you kill them one after another reaching a checkpoint and then following the same process although in a tougher way as after each checkpoint the difficulty level grows a bit.

There are no complications with this game and is a good thing. In every stage the player gets to encounter different kinds of enemies and kill them one after another. The game is in this way intriguing and makes up for a good entertainer. The player gets to choose from a list of five weapons that have additional functionalities as well. From guns to rockets launchers there is a lot one can do while killing enemies. Once you reach the end of a chapter you get to face a huge monster that is almost as big as a fifty storied building and then need to defeat him to go to the next chapter. Another impressive feature that the game has is that you can collect green souls that emerge after an enemy is killed and collecting the same gives you a point in health and if you collect several souls you get to be the invincible demon that can kill away all enemies in the vicinity in a jiffy.


The players get to collect coins as well by destroying treasure chests etc. during gameplay. These coins help you gain advantage when required in each level. Apart from the single player mode and the famous classic team death match mode there are other modes as well such as the free for all mode, the “Voosh” mode where players get to kill enemies with pre equipped weapons that have an unlimited amount of ammunition. Then there is the Light Bearer mode and the People Can Fly mode that is set in cylindrical stages with all players being equipped with rocket launchers and unlimited ammunition.



The game manages to be a breath of fresh air in a genre crowded with complicated games that simply don’t care to entertain for too long. The game has fresh graphics that are a treat to the player every single detail has been paid heed to by the developer People Can Fly and eve the minutest things have been detailed. The sound effects are great. You will be able to hear your enemies growling and shouting with anger while they are headed towards you in a particular setting. The players could have been provided with more options with regard to arms and ammunition as well as the maps which are short in number.


These facts can however be ignored keeping in view the overall gameplay that is not even minutely boring or unimpressive. The game manages to draw a line between regular first person shooters that impress for a short period and the ones that manage to be on your list of daily entertainers. There is hardly anything to complain about and when considering hard core old school first person shooter entertainment that is fast paced as well as satisfies your desire to kill enemies with a blast then Painkiller is the one single choice for you that manage to satisfy with ease.

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