Quake 4

Quake 4: A Legendary installment


Almost every time I play a game from the Quake series I feel like I have been teleported to a whole new dimension. The Quake series has been such an amazing line up of games that I haven’t been able to let go of even after having played several other mind blowing first person shooter video games. The thing with Quake games is that they are one of kind. Those who love first person shooter games know for a fact that Quake is where it all started. The original Quake was a masterpiece that set the bar rolling for all developers who wished to develop a first person shooter game but there was hardly anyone who was able to match the standards set by idSoftware with Quake. One game after another that was added to the Quake series was a runaway success and almost all the games from the series became popular to a whole another level. Quake 4 seems to have been another masterstroke from idSoftware.

Quake 4 relies on the tried and tested gameplay from the developer and is exactly what most gamers who have been in love with the Quake series of games have been asking for so long. There are new features, game modes and some exciting graphical improvements that make Quake 4 an instant hit. Oh, and the sound effects are simply amazing. Better than ever. Trust me when I say better than ever because if you’ve been playing Quake games in the past you will instant agree with me the moment you get to play this son of a gun. After having spent some hours with this amazing piece from a not so big developer, I realized that there can’t be a better game in the first person shooter category ever.


What’s the gameplay like?

Well, it’s obvious that you ask this question about the gameplay of Quake 4 since nobody nowadays wants to play a game that doesn’t entertain them. But, trust me. Quake 4 has a lot of potential and can woo you in no time. The gameplay has been a tried and tested one and belongs to a series of games that have been a hit throughout amongst gamers. Quake 4 does not leave a stone left unturned when it comes to delivering a great gaming experience. There are newer features to the game and there are several modes that have been added to it.

For those who are unknown to the Quake universe, the story revolves around Matthew Kane, a Marine Corporal who has to fight against the cyborg alien race known as the Strogg. The single player campaign isn’t too complicated and there aren’t many things to know about it either apart from the fact that it is extremely playable and versatile now as it uses the revolutionary Doom 3 engine from idSoftware. The single player is a lot more fun than ever before. The best part about Quake 4 like all of the previous games from Quake series is its multiplayer mode that features some of the finest game modes such as the Death Match Mode, the Team Death Match Mode, Capture the Flag Mode, Tourney Mode, Arena Capture the Flag Mode and the Dead Zone Mode.


Quake 4 is a game where you can enjoy a long list of weapons. You get to use weapons such as the blaster that comes with limitless ammunition, the Machine Gun that will eventually be your favorite weapons since it delivers the bang most gamers are interested in and it comes with a flashlight which you will realize with time is a must have. Then further into the game you’ll get your hands on a shot gun, a grenade launcher, a rocket launcher, a railgun, the energy powered hyperblaster, the lighting gun, a nail gun and the famous dark matter gun. Most of the weapons will be a waste and it is the machine gun that will be your ultimate weapon since it serves the purpose the right way. With Quake 4 you also get to pilot a number of vehicles such as a hovertank. The game delivers perfectly on all accounts and you will be smitten with the game in no time.


All of the previous Quake games have been different from one another. However, Quake 4 is in a way related to the Quake 2 as far as the storyline is concerned. The story of the human race fighting it off with the Strogg was first introduced with Quake 2 and Quake 4 picks exactly from where it ended. The gameplay is similar to previous installments. However, the singleplayer in this one is much better. The multiplayer option still manages to steal the show although it could have had some improvements. The graphics have gotten better. The visual effects are remarkably well with Quake 4. The sound effects are some of the most balanced and perfectly suited to the gameplay. The introductionof the Doom 3 engine has been a great improvement to the game and has put Quake 4 to a different league altogether.


There is still a lot to be desired but the game will never disappoint you with what’s all on offer. The game is good but there is still room for a lot of improvement. Quake 4 could have had better features as far as the multiplayer mode is concerned. For those who are playing the Quake games for the first time, Quake 4 is going to be a great piece. But, gamers who have been playing Quake games for several years and are seeking something new from Quake 4 will have to get disappointed as there isn’t too much that has been added. The single player gets better but for the veteran Quake gamers who have always been in love with the multiplayer option of the Quake games, don’t have many expectations.


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