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qa1Quake III Arena: Ultimate Death Match

Whenever I feel like playing a first person shooter game, the first thing that comes to my mind is Quake. The games from Quake series have all be one hit after another and iDsoftware has always delivered a better product than the previous installment. There is simply no way that you can ignore the Quake series when it comes to the first person shooter games category. The gameplay is absolutely stunning and the graphics and sound effects make it even more enticing to play almost any Quake game from the series. The same goes for Quake III Arena.

Quake III Arena is the successor installment in the Quake series from iDSoftware, Quake II being the previous one and the developer has left no stone unturned to make it an over the top game for gamers. Almost all the Quake games are different from the other. There is something different with each installment and almost every game has a totally new feature than the other. Quake III Arena is different too. Although it lies in the same universe from the Quake series it is different from Quake II. Quake III Arena differs in a lot of ways from its previous installments and the major difference being not having a single player campaign based on a plot. Although the game seems to have ditched the plot based single player campaign feature, it still has a lot of fun and entertaining features that make it one of the top first person shooter games around. The gameplay is still outstanding and features and exciting time that is fun packed and extremely fast paced.

qa2What’s on offer?

The game offers a lot of fun filled time that comes from a great gameplay. If you’ve played the previous games from the Quake series and expect this one to be just an addition to the lineup with a little bit of tweaks then you might be in for a surprise as there is a lot more to the game than just a few additions. The games from the Quake series have all been fun but Quake III Arena offers a lot of bang with its gameplay. The gameplay revolves around the small storyline and that is about the greatest warrior of all time fighting for the entertainment in the Eternal Arena for a race known as the Vadrigar. The battles take place in one arena after another as the player progresses through the game and the difficulty of the game increases and also gets more complex and the player has to face tougher opponents.


The players get to choose weapons that are balanced by a role, and each weapon having a few advantages in different scenarios and situations, like a lightning gun at close range combat and a railgun in a long range one. Almost all the weapons appear during gameplay located at various places in the arena and appear in the game as level items and whenever a player dies, they appear with weapons of the current map and all the collected weapons go away. Just like that. However, other players can pick up the weapon of a player which the player was using whenever the player dies.

Quake III Arena includes several modes for the players to choose from and play. The Free For All mode is the classic death match where each and every player has to compete against all the others for getting a greater score. Then there is the Team Deathmatch mode where two teams of four players each compete against each other in order to get the highest team frag in total. Next is the Tournament Mode that takes place between two players in particular time set. Capture the Flag mode is played on symmetrical maps where both the teams have the objective to recover the flag of the opposing team while safeguarding their own. The game is specifically designed and made for multiplayer modes. Players get to play in real time against each other and all they need is to be connected to the server by a network or the internet.


Is it worth the time?

Well of course it is. Quake III Arena is a game that offers a bang for the buck. The game offers superb gameplay, top class features and graphics that will blow you off. There is nothing to complain. No really, there is nothing to complain about the game and this is something I have realized after playing the game for several hours continuously. Quake III Arena managed to impress me on every single point. No matter how many benchmarks I set for the game, it managed to deliver on those benchmarks. The maps, arenas and all the visual part is superb thanks to the graphics which the developers have pulled off remarkably. Then there is the sound part. The sound effects in such games is one the most important aspects that cannot be ignored and Quake III Arena has some really nice sound effects that make the game all the more entertaining and playable.

If you are looking for a great time all the while playing a great game that has some really good gaming modes which offer you some of the best deathmatch gaming experience then Quake III Arena is the game for you. It offers the ultimate gaming experience especially deathmatch. Although the game offers nothing innovative in terms of gameplay as there are others similar to this one but is definitely a game that you have to play. It is greatly polished and offers a true gameplay experience that is tried and tested. So, for the ultimate deathmatch gaming experience, Quake III Arena is the game for you.

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