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There are games that you play and then there are games that you merge your life into. The Quake series is one such game. I still remember the day when I play the initial Quake for the first time. Back then it was one of the most amazing games that I had played. It was ahead of its time with regard to the sound and graphics and the gameplay. Then as time passed by newer installments of the game were released and the game got better and better with each installment. Quake Live is no exception to this rule. It is one of the best amongst the lot and there is a reason for it. Quake’s developers have with time learnt the art of games and have made some serious improvements to the latest installment making it a superb game that is better than ever. The game doesn’t lag too much and is still based on a super hit formula. The gameplay is almost the same with a few additions to make Quake Live a little better than the rest. The little additions have indeed helped in making Quake Live a great game and with these additions the game has come too ahead of its time.


Quake Live is actually an updated version of the Quake III: Arena video game and is indeed a really good one. With Quake Live iD Software has tried to get rid of all the issues with its previous version of the Quake series and have been successful at delivering another classic. It is one of the top games in its category out in the market today having a huge fan following. There is a lot that has contributed to the Quake series’ success and the biggest reason being the amazing gameplay. I have so far been a huge fan of Quake series games and Quake Live doesn’t disappoint me either.

Here’s what you need to know

Quake Live is an outstanding game. It is based on a tried and tested formula that makes it even more enticing. It is a first person shooter video game developed by iD Software who has removed all the shortcomings of the previous game (well, almost). Although there are several modes in the game, Quake Live revolves around the idea of the player trying to kill maximum number of opponents than any other member or team in a match. All of this is possible with the player collecting armor, weapons, ammo, health and various power ups while navigating through a 3D environment and killing other players. After the player advances, they are able to use several techniques and tricks such as strafe jumping and rockets.


Quake Live has several modes. In the Free For All Mode, the players engaged in a match have to save themselves and kill as many other players as possible while the clock ticks. The player who hits the frag limit first, wins. Then there is the Team Death Match Mode that has the same rules as the Free For All Mode and the only difference is that the players are divided into two teams with both trying to kill each other. Third mode is the Clan Arena where players are divided into two teams and each player having full ammo. Then there is the Capture The Flag Mode. In this mode there are two teams with each having a flag at its base. Whichever team captures the flag of the other team and brings it to its own base while saving its own flag first wins the match. There are other modes as well such as the Domination Mode, Red Rover Mode, Attack and Defend Mode, Harvester Mode and the Freeze Tag Mode. The modes are almost similar with a few variations. The gameplay is simple yet intriguing. The graphics and sound effects are as is always present in the Quake series, superb. The graphics of the game are good. The sound effects are not bad either.

Final Word

The game is nothing short of extravagant. Even after being part of a really old series and theme, Quake Live manages to impress with ease. Quake Live is a fun and fast paced game that delivers more than you would expect from a game belonging to this category. No matter which mode you play, the game will not falter and you will be glued to the screen for as long as your body is able to. There is still nothing that I don’t like about the game. The gameplay is based on a hit formula that has already been tried and tested, the sound effects are great and they match well with the gameplay. However, the graphics could have gotten better. It is not that they aren’t great but the thing is when you are playing such a great game that is perfect at every point, you expect a little more and the graphics are the only thing that one notices the most.

All in all it’s a great game with a great legacy and lives up to its reputation with ease. You will not be disappointed with the amount of time you spend playing this remarkable piece. There is nothing not to like about Quake Live and the game is a great sequel to its predecessor. The game sits perfectly in the series and is one of the best one around till date. You will definitely love this one.

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