Unreal Tournament

Unreal Tournament: An unreal experience


First person shooter games are some of the finest games that can be played today and it is possible only because most of the games that are available out there are really entertaining and they provide a highly enjoyable time that packs in a fast paced gaming experience. When talking about first person shooter video games there are hardly any games that can manage to garner as much attention as Quake series has been able to and for this reason only I have been searching for a game that happens to be better than the quake series. Every now and then a game belonging to the first person shooter category comes to the world and I instantly get hooked on to it only to lose interest sooner than blinking an eye. So when I heard about Unreal Tournament I had high hopes about it and believed that there is finally a contender to the Quake series games and I must tell you I wasn’t disappointed. Not one bit.

When I played Unreal Tournament for the first time I had only wished for a game that manages to impress me to the level Quake games have so far and while at it I wasn’t bored for even the shortest span of time. The game has all that I was looking for and the graphics as well as the sound effects were simply an icing on the cake. Things couldn’t get any better for a person who has been in love with first person shooter video games and is looking for some additional excitement. Unreal Tournament is one of those games that come once in a lifetime and manage to sweep everyone off their feet. My experience with Unreal Tournament has been over the top only because there was so much that I discovered during my stint with the game and hardly anything was missing. The makers of this amazing game have pulled off a great job especially when talking about the graphics and sound effects that have been paid special attention. The gameplay is classic first person shooter type but there are so many amazing modes and so many additional features that the game feels almost like belonging to a whole new category.



Like I said Unreal Tournament has a classic gameplay that you find in most of the first person shooter category of games where players compete with each other and have the sole aim and that is to defeat the other players. The game has a single player campaign where player gets to compete against bots in an arena to get the title of Grand Champion. Then there are team matches where the players are supported by bots as team mates. The game offers several game modes such as the Assault Mode where the player belongs to either of the two teams and one of the teams has to assault the “Base” and the other has to defend it. Second is the Capture the Flag Mode where the player gets to compete against others in an arena where the flag of the other team has to be captured and then brought back to the player’s own base while defending their own flag.

Then there is the classic Death Match Mode where all the players have to kill the other opponents and is an everyman for themselves kind of a scenario. Next in line is the Domination Mode where two teams have to compete with each other in order to gain control over certain control points in order to earn points for their own team. The Last Man Standing Mode is a mode that is similar to the Death Match Mode and the player has the sole aim to remain alive longer than any other opponent while putting an emphasis on the number of deaths rather than the number of kills. Last but not the least is the Team Death Match Mode where four teams have to compete with each other in order to defeat the other teams by killing them all.


Then the players have the option to choose from a large list of weapons and each weapon serving at least two different functions. The list of weapons is very cool and it includes weapons such as the Impact Hammer which is a badass hand weapon, the Enforcer which is a pistol that puts in a lot of bang, the Shock Rifle that sends a beam of energy, the Ripper which is an absolute favorite of mine as it sends high speed spinning razor blades at the opponents, and several other weapons such as the Rocket Launcher, Chainsaw, Pulse Blaster, Redeemer, Minigun, Sniper Rifle, Bio Rifle and the Flak Cannon. Phew. The gameplay couldn’t have been better as Unreal Tournament has managed to tick all the boxes correctly.



Well, there is hardly anything to complain about except for the fact that the game has managed to reach perfection. The game is smooth with a great graphics, equally great sound and the amount of entertainment that it offers. If the game is put to comparison with any other game belonging to this category then it would easily manage to sit at the top and then further be able to retain the top spot forever. Literally forever. For me the game is better than any other game that I have played in recent times and looking by the urge that I have in my heart to play it on and on, I believe it is going to be my top favorite for a really long time. Those who are lovers of the first person shooter video game category will absolutely love this piece and those who plan to start with a game belonging to this category should certainly start with Unreal Tournament as it will make them fall in love with first person shooter category of games. Without a doubt this is the best game out there today.

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