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wot1World of Tanks: Guts and Glory

I have always been a fan of military equipment and the most impressive of all the military war equipment has always been tanks. Tanks are the best invention to have ever been made concerning military. They are hulk like, sturdy, have a go anywhere capability and most all, they can do almost anything you want them to while in combat. So why am I telling you all of this? Well, Wargaming has come up with one of the most remarkable massively multiplayer online games and that is the World of Tanks. What better wayto enjoy a combat than with a tank? Yes, you read that right. Tanks are the center points for this one the most outrageous games that I have played in recent times. World of Tanks has managed to impress me beyond its limits. It is a great game with features that make it larger than life. World of Tanks has been able to garner a lot of attention just because it delivers a lot than one expects it to and is a great game for those who love to get into military warfare. Of course for gaming sakes that is.


The first time I laid my hands on the console for playing this game, I did not have many expectations from it. I had thought that it is going to be an average game with average graphics, average sound effects and average everything else. But, when I started playing the game, it blew me away. I couldn’t control my urge to carry on and on and then when I got up, I realized that I had been at it for a couple of hours at a stretch. That’s the thing with World of Tanks that it gets to you slowly and when it does, it simply doesn’t let go easily. It’sa big surprise packed into a small box. For beginners it is going to be a superbly impressive ride.

Here’s what you need to know

World of Tanks is amultiplayer game that features a wide range of combat vehicles belonging to the 20th century. The gameplay is simple yet quite impressive. World of Tanks mainly focuses on a player versus player gameplay.Each player gets to choose and control an armored vehicle that might be a tank, a self-propelled gun or a tank destroyer. The players get to choose armored vehicles of their choice from a wide range of vehicles based on real time military vehicles from different countries of the world. The tanks etc. are designed in a way that they resemble their counterparts in the exact way. This lone feature along with the graphics and the superb sound effects makes the game outstanding and clearly top of the line.With almost 400 vehicles to choose from, the game definitely takes it over the top.

Once the player takes control of a vehicle of their choice, be it a tank, a tanks destroyer or a self-propelling gun, they are put into a battle on a map randomly. The player gets into a combat with controlling the vehicle’s movement and firing. The players have to win the match by defeating the other team, which is done by either capturing the opposing team’s base or by destroying them all.  The game modes are six in total. The first is the Random Battle, Tank-Company Battle, Team-Training Battle, Team Battle, Special Battle and Stronghold Battle. The Random Battle mode is the most popular from amongst all of the modes since it has features like the player being able to get into a platoon or groups of two or three players who are part of the same team. The game modes also include missions that have to be completed by the teams earning rewards for the players.


World of Tanks allows the players to customize their vehicles to a certain degree whether it is a visual customization or a technical one relating to the vehicles parts, performance or armory etc. with a major number of parts purchased from the extensive Tech tree of the game. Players can choose from the large number of two-tone or three-tone camouflage schemes available for all the tanks with these being historically accurate patterns or game specific and custom variants.


Final Verdict

Okay, so the game has definitely managed to impress me. So far, I am nothing but awestruck. The real time armored vehicles, a large number of vehicles to choose from, a lot of customization options and state of the art graphics and sound effects are features that one simply can’t get enough of. The gameplay is simple yet intriguing. There is always a desire for more. You will never feel like getting up and leaving. One more game is what you will feel even if you’ve been at it for the past whole day. The game is so awesome that you will feel as if you are actually at the battleground fighting the battle for your mother nation. The game looks slick from every view point and is nothing but a breath of fresh air. Your time with it will be an addictive experience and will compel you to stick to the screen a little longer that you had initially wanted. A unique game that is well polished and offers more than you had hoped for. By far the best game I have encountered in this category that has not only mesmerized me to the core but has got me glued for a really long time. This is a great game for those who have the guts and seek glory.

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