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Dota 2 Patch 7.08 – Key Changes

After a month and a half without any changes, we finally have a new patch: 7.08. And with it, Valve decided to nerf a lot of heroes and items, while buffing others. Here are some of the most important item and hero changes in patch 7.08: Key item changes Blink Dagger: Cooldown was increased by…

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Big CS:GO Roster Changes After the ELEAGUE Major

Since the end of the ELEAGUE Major, the CS:GO professional scene has gone through a series of roster changes which will likely have a significant impact on it. As these changes can influence the strength and pecking order of the teams (and implicitly esports betting activities), it’s important that you know about them. So here…

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Big Roster Changes in CIS, China and North America

As a consequence of poor results in some cases, and questionable business motivations in others, multiple Dota 2 teams from three of the world’s top regions have made important changes to their rosters or even dropped them completely. Natus Vincere and swapped players At the beginning of February, Na’Vi and agreed to make…

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