Quake III Arena

Quake III Arena: Ultimate Death Match Whenever I feel like playing a first person shooter game, the first thing that comes to my mind is Quake. The games from Quake series have all be one hit after another and iDsoftware has always delivered a better product than the previous installment. […]

Clash Royale

Clash Royale: A Great Entertainer The world of mobile gaming has suddenly become so big that you never really know when a game becomes a huge hit and it is only that when a game is widely popular amongst gamers all over the globe with smash hit reviews from everyone […]

World of Tanks

World of Tanks: Guts and Glory I have always been a fan of military equipment and the most impressive of all the military war equipment has always been tanks. Tanks are the best invention to have ever been made concerning military. They are hulk like, sturdy, have a go anywhere […]

Heroes of Newerth

Heroes of Newerth: It grows on you There are very few games that you fall in love with eventually and that too without you knowing it. Heroes of Newerth is one such game that grows on you with time and you simply can’t resist it anymore.It is an addictive game […]

Quake Live

Quake Live: Fully Loaded There are games that you play and then there are games that you merge your life into. The Quake series is one such game. I still remember the day when I play the initial Quake for the first time. Back then it was one of the […]

Smite: Battleground of the Lords

Smite: Battleground of the Lords There is nothing better than being a god, even if you get to be one in a game. The limitless power that you experience and the endless number of things that you can do being a god, are well, simply amazing and the feeling of […]

10Bet eSports Betting

Betting on eSports with 10Bet 10Bet has been in existence since 2003 and has firmly established itself as a reliable name in the world of online betting. The site has a reputation for offering a huge variety of sporting events and competitions and has also continuously grown its eSports offerings. […]

Ladbrokes eSports Betting

  Betting on eSports with Ladbrokes Whilst many punters still regularly enjoy wagering on traditional offerings like football, horse racing and tennis, there is a growing sector which is attracting plenty of interest from all over the globe – eSports betting. It has grown exponentially over the past couple of […]

Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm: A superb game from a great developer For me, Blizzard is one of those game developers that have managed to stick around for this long and be able to make one jaw dropping game after another. Its Warcraft universe has managed to be one of the […]


Hearthstone: A legendary release I have never been a big fan of online collectible card video games in the past. But, as they say a person’s choices change with time, my thoughts about collectible card games changed with Hearthstone. The vary first time I played the game I had an […]

Cross Fire

Cross Fire- A game for those with guts Cross Fire is one of the most popular online games in the whole world and is one of the best online combat games out there. It is one of those games that are destined to take the online gaming industry by storm. […]

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike: Global Offensive- A Remarkable Update to the Classic Series For those who haven’t played Counter Strike ever would not know what it feels like to play an over the top and ahead of time multiplayer first-shooter game because Counter Strike is a game that gamers from all over […]

World of Warcraft

 World of Warcraft: A Whole New Dimension The Warcraft series has always been a hit amongst gamers all around the globe thanks to its remarkable plot and the equally astonishing gameplay. Warcraft has never disappointed anyone. Those who have played any of the Warcraft games swear by the quality of […]

Protoss vs Protoss

PvP is another great matchup that requires excellent unit control and sound macro-management. Early Game Usually in PvP people start off with pylon, gate, assimilator, gate, core. The reason why you want to go for this double gate build instead of making a nexus right away is that if you […]

Terran vs Terran

Once upon a time, terran vs terran was a stale matchup, where players would just cower behind tanks, turrets and battle cruisers but in the StarCraft Two era this is no longer the case. Today TvT is one of the most dynamic and exciting matchups that exists. Early Game Generally the best […]

Zerg vs Zerg

Early Game You have a few different options in ZvZ during the early game. You can opt for a fast expansion, which is a little bit risky if your opponent tries an early pool and a ling flood but it’s not necessarily a build order loss even in that case. […]

Terran vs Protoss

Early Game Early game in TvP you want to open up with a depot, refinery rax build and then follow it up with a fast expansion. This is the safe and standard macro style which will allow you to get a reaper out early for some map presence as well […]

Terran vs Zerg

TvZ is one of those iconic matchups that StarCraft players know and love. You have to really keep on your toes and stay aggressive if you are going to prevent the zerg from spiraling out of control and building up a massive economy. The nice part about TvZ is it […]

Zerg vs Protoss

Early Game Early game ZvP is all about getting your economy online. Generally, you are going to want to start off an with a fast expansion at seventeen drones and follow up with a third base pretty quickly as well. Of course, you will need zergling speed, queens for both […]

Protoss vs Zerg

It is not always easy to fend off the zerg hordes when you are a highly evolved race of robots, so here is a general guide on how to win in PvT. Early Game Generally you are going to want to start off with a low ground wall off into […]