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Protoss vs Protoss

PvP is another great matchup that requires excellent unit control and sound macro-management. Early Game Usually in PvP people start off with pylon, gate, assimilator, gate, core. The reason why you want to go for this double gate build instead of making a nexus right away is that if you […]

Terran vs Terran

Once upon a time, terran vs terran was a stale matchup, where players would just cower behind tanks, turrets and battle cruisers but in the StarCraft Two era this is no longer the case. Today TvT is one of the most dynamic and exciting matchups that exists. Early Game Generally the best […]

Zerg vs Zerg

Early Game You have a few different options in ZvZ during the early game. You can opt for a fast expansion, which is a little bit risky if your opponent tries an early pool and a ling flood but it’s not necessarily a build order loss even in that case. […]

Terran vs Protoss

Early Game Early game in TvP you want to open up with a depot, refinery rax build and then follow it up with a fast expansion. This is the safe and standard macro style which will allow you to get a reaper out early for some map presence as well […]

Terran vs Zerg

TvZ is one of those iconic matchups that StarCraft players know and love. You have to really keep on your toes and stay aggressive if you are going to prevent the zerg from spiraling out of control and building up a massive economy. The nice part about TvZ is it […]

Zerg vs Protoss

Early Game Early game ZvP is all about getting your economy online. Generally, you are going to want to start off an with a fast expansion at seventeen drones and follow up with a third base pretty quickly as well. Of course, you will need zergling speed, queens for both […]

Protoss vs Zerg

It is not always easy to fend off the zerg hordes when you are a highly evolved race of robots, so here is a general guide on how to win in PvT. Early Game Generally you are going to want to start off with a low ground wall off into […]

Protoss vs Terran

Early Game The strongest opening in Protoss vs Terran is to throw down a nexus at your natural expansion very early on. You don’t generally want to get nexus first because that initial scouting reaper could get a little annoying so try out building a gateway and an assimilator first, but […]

Zerg vs Terran

Overview Zerg vs terran (ZvT) has been considered one of the most exciting matchups in StarCraft since its inception. Given the high mobility of units from both races these games tend to be high-octane slugfests with action occurring all over the map simultaneously. Early Game During the early game, your […]

How to Play StarCraft

StarCraft : How to Play The complexities of StarCraft can be a little overwhelming at first but ultimately taking the time to improve your skill is an extremely rewarding activity. The purpose of this guide is to prepare you for competitive one vs one StarCraft matches on Battlenet. The aim […]