Betting Predictions for the Overwatch League Stage 3

The Overwatch League is entering its 3rd stage today and with the pecking order being clearer than ever, the 12 matches that will be taking place this week present us with numerous betting opportunities. But before I start analyzing them, let’s see what happened in Stage 2.

Stage 2 standings table

  • 1st place: New York Excelsior (9 WINS – 1 LOSS)
  • 2nd place: London Spitfire (8 WINS – 2 LOSSES)
  • 3rd place: Philadelphia Fusion (7 WINS – 3 LOSSES)
  • 4th place: Seoul Dynasty (7 WINS – 3 LOSSES)
  • 5th place: Los Angeles Gladiators (6 WINS – 4 LOSSES)
  • 6th place: Boston Uprising (6 WINS – 4 LOSSES)
  • 7th place: Houston Outlaws (5 WINS – 5 LOSSES)
  • 8th place: Los Angeles Valiant (4 WINS – 6 LOSSES)
  • 9th place: San Francisco Shock (3 WINS – 7 LOSSES)
  • 10th place: Florida Mayhem (3 WINS – 7 LOSSES)
  • 11th place: Dallas Fuel (2 WINS – 8 LOSSES)
  • 12th place: Shanghai Dragons (0 WINS – 10 LOSSES)

Stage 2 (after the Playoffs) was won by New York Excelsior, followed by Philadelphia Fusion and London Spitfire.

Betting predictions

Shanghai Dragons vs. Dallas Fuel

Match date: April 4th

These two teams finished Stage 2 with poor results, being in 12th and 11th place respectively. In particular, Shanghai Dragons now has a dismal record of 20 losses and 0 wins in OWL. On the other side, Dallas Fuel had problems of its own during Stage 2 and ultimately decided to release one of its key players. Afterwards, they lost many matches and ended the second stage of the Overwatch League with 2 wins and 8 losses.

But, although Shanghai Dragons and Dallas Fuel were next to each other in the standings table at the end of Stage 2, the skill difference between them is enormous. Subsequently, Dallas Fuel should easily win this match.

Bovada puts the odds at +355 / -575 or around 4.55 – 1.17 in favor of Dallas Fuel, giving you the chance to get a 17% profit for an almost guaranteed result.

Los Angeles Valiant vs. Seoul Dynasty

Match date: April 4th

Los Angeles Valiant is a shadow of its former self, having lost a number of important players in recent transfers. It finished Stage 2 with 4 wins and 6 losses and is on a downward spiral.

Meanwhile, Seoul Dynasty is the kind of team that doesn’t lose matches except when the adversary is very skillful. This team ended the first two stages with excellent results (7 wins and 3 losses both times) and is more than likely to win this match against LA Valiant.

Bovada puts the odds at +305 / -475 or around 4.05 – 1.21, which is amazing considering Seoul Dynasty’s chance of winning (>90%).

San Francisco Shock vs. Los Angeles Gladiators

Match date: April 4th

For a few weeks in Stage 2, Los Angeles Gladiators seemed capable of getting a top 3 result and maybe even win the whole stage. Unfortunately, they ultimately lost momentum and finished 5th, with 6 wins and 4 losses. However, this is still a highly skilled team that should easily crush an opponent of San Francisco Shock’s caliber.

Bovada puts the odds at +205 / -285 or around 3.05 – 1.35 in favor of Los Angeles Gladiators, which is more than reasonable considering the massive strength difference between these two teams.

Magister Ludi
Magister Ludi