Betting Tips for NA LCS Spring 2018 Week 8

Week 8 of NA LCS Spring 2018 is underway and the LoL matches that will be taking place later today offer great betting opportunities.

Standings table

  • 1st place: Echo Fox: 11W – 4L
  • 1st place: Cloud9: 11W – 4L
  • 3rd place: Clutch Gaming: 10W – 5L
  • 4th place: 100 Thieves: 9W – 6L
  • 5th place: Team Liquid: 8W – 7L
  • 5th place: Team SoloMid: 8W – 7L
  • 7th place: Counter Logic Gaming: 6W – 9L
  • 8th place: FlyQuest: 4W – 11L
  • 8th place: Golden Guardians: 4W – 11L
  • 8th place: OpTic Gaming: 4W – 11L

Match predictions

Echo Fox (11W – 4L) vs. Counter Logic Gaming (6W – 9L)

Odds: 1.50 – 2.40

Counter Logic Gaming is currently the 7th placed team in NA LCS while Echo Fox is the 1st. However, Counter Logic Gaming’s ceiling is extremely high and the team is capable of producing big upsets. Their last 3 games were all victories and two of them were against tough opponents: Team Liquid and Cloud9. In addition to this, the previous encounter between Counter Logic Gaming and Echo Fox was won by CLG.

The chance of an upset is so high that you should probably consider betting a smaller amount on CLG.

FlyQuest (4W – 11L) vs. Golden Guardians (4W – 11L)

Odds: 1.70 – 2.02

This is a confrontation between two struggling teams. Both FlyQuest and Golden Guardians are at the bottom of the standings table with a terrible record: 4W – 11L. Having emerged victorious in the previous direct match, FlyQuest is regarded as the favorite to win this time as well. However, considering Golden Guardians’ recent results, the chance of an upset is very high here.

Clutch Gaming (10W – 5L) vs. Team Liquid (8W – 7L)

Odds: 1.95 – 1.75

Last time they met, Team Liquid won the match in a pretty convincing manner, in under 30 minutes. However, this time I don’t think they’ll be able to do the same, judging by recent result. Liquid is in full decline right now while Clutch Gaming is quickly rising (in their first game of this week they even managed to beat Echo Fox). So yet again, I would bet on an upset for this match.

Team SoloMid (8W – 7L) vs. Cloud9 (11W – 4L)

Odds: 1.95 – 1.75

Both of these teams are pretty strong at the moment, so it’s hard to tell what could happen here. However, keep in mind that the previous match between them took place just three weeks ago and was decisively won by Cloud9. So at these odds, a bet on them would be the best way to go.

OpTic Gaming (4W – 11L) vs. 100 Thieves (9W – 6L)

Odds: 2.50 – 1.47

100 Thieves is much stronger than OpTic Gaming at the moment, and the signs that indicate to a possible upset in this match are almost inexistent. Overall, this is probably the safest bet on this list, and the odds are excellent.

Magister Ludi
Magister Ludi