Heroes of the Storm Global Championship – Week 3 Predictions

We’re already two weeks into the 2018 Heroes of the Storm Global Championship (HGC) and the pecking order in every region is starting to become a bit more clear. With the next round of matches quickly approaching (February 2-4), here’s what we know so far and what we predict will happen next.


The competition in Europe is very fierce, with two teams having 2 match victories and 0 defeats after the first two weeks. These teams are Team Dignitas (6 map victories, 0 defeats) and Fnatic (6 map victories, 1 defeat).

The encounters for week 3 are the following:

Team Dignitas vs Leftovers

Team Dignitas are a much stronger team at the moment and should take this game either 3-0 or 3-1.

Tricked eSport vs Team Liquid

This will be a very disputed match, but Team Liquid will most likely win this 3-2.

Fnatic vs Tricked eSport

Fnatic are clear favorites in this dispute, although Tricked eSport should be able to win at least one map.

Method vs Zealots

The result of this match is completely unpredictable, even though Method have had a better performance so far during the 2018 HGC. They’re a slightly better team than Zealots, but anything could happen in this dispute.

Team Liquid vs Method

No doubt, Team Liquid are very likely to triumph over Method, but not without dropping a map or two.

Diamond Skin vs Fnatic

This will most probably be a one-sided affair, 3-0 for Fnatic.

North America

In the North American region, Team Freedom and Tempo Storm are killing it right now, leading the leaderboards with 2 match victories and no defeats. Team Freedom has 6 map victories and 2 defeats, while Tempo Storm has 6 map victories and 3 defeats.

The encounters for week 3 are the following:

Team Freedom vs LFM eSports

This will 95% be a 3-0 victory for Team Freedom.

Gale Force eSports vs Spacestation Gaming

These two teams are roughly the same in terms of strength, so a bet here on any of them would be risky. The only highly probably thing is that the match will go the distance, having at least 4 games.

Team Twelve vs Gale Force eSports

Team Twelve are a slightly better team, so the odds are around 60/40 in their favor. The match should be close though.

Tempo Storm vs Simplicity

A Tempo Storm victory is the most likely outcome, but not without a fierce fight and probably 5 games.

Spacestation Gaming vs Tempo Storm

This should be another Tempo Storm victory and likely an easy one too.

HeroesHearth vs Team Twelve

Team Twelve are a significantly better team than HeroesHearth, so I can’t imagine them losing this dispute.

South Korea

In South Korea, two teams have been unstoppable so far: Ballistix (3 match victories, 0 defeats and 0 map losses) and Tempest (3 match victories, 0 defeats and 0 map losses). The 3rd place on the leaderboards belongs to KSV Black (the former world champions from 2017, now playing under a different name). They suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Tempest, but then went on to win their next two matches without dropping a single map.

The encounters for week 3 are the following:

Team Ace vs KSV Black

A 3-0 victory for KSV Black is the most likely outcome of this confrontation.

Miracle vs GLuck

Miracle are a slightly better team, but the match could easily go either way. It’s best to avoid this one because the risk is high.

GLuck vs Team Ace

This is another dispute between two teams of similar strength. GLuck are significantly stronger than their opponents, but a moderate risk still exists if you want to bet on them.

Tempest vs Team Feliz

Unless the entire Tempest roster eats poisoned mushrooms on the day prior to this match, this should be an easy 3-0 victory for them.

BlossoM vs KSV Black

KSV Black are the much stronger team here, but the match will likely be close. A 3-1 or 3-2 victory for KSVB is a highly probable outcome.

Ballistix vs Tempest

This is the match to watch if you’re a Heroes of the Storm fan. The battle between these two giants will likely go the distance, although I would favor Ballistix, due in part to their better past results and superior experience.

Magister Ludi
Magister Ludi