Mid Season Invitational Betting Predictions for Day 3

Mid Season Invitational is well underway and day 3 has multiple big matches that offer excellent betting opportunities.

Betting Predictions

Royal Never Give Up vs. Fnatic

The battle of perhaps the teams most reliant on their ADCs transpires in the fourth match of the day.

On paper, Uzi defeates Rekkles in nearly every single statistic for an ADC: damage %, CS difference at 15, kill participation%, KDA. In addition, Xiaohu is a more consistent mid laner than Caps as a whole. If FNC is to secure a win versus RNG, FNC can replicate their first bout with RNG but incorporate Rekkles more as a main carry instead of having Caps run around making amazing plays and then following it up by running face first into the enemy team. As consistency goes, Uzi has been performing as all have expected while the EU MVP still has some question marks in the air surrounding him.

Betting prediction: Royal Never Give Up to win.

Flash Wolves vs EVOS Esports

The two mid-tier power regions duke it out yet again to see if Vietnam can stand up to the long term Taiwanese team when it comes to competitive level of play.

EVOS Esports are no strangers to heavy jungle pressure and high level skirmishing whether it be through multiple river encounters or fiestas in the lane. Flash Wolves Betty and Maple have proven to be stable pillars for the team, able to carry the team and provide sufficient variations of teamfighting. Despite Warzone being on point for EVOS, there will have to be a larger amount of pressure coming from anywhere else on the map whether it be from Stark split pushing or crisp rotations to draw FW’s into EVOS’ teamfighting territory.

Betting prediction: Flash Wolves to win.

Team Liquid vs. Kingzone DragonX

There is not much to say about this matchup – with Kingzone’s excellent track record, Team Liquid are safely the underdogs across every single lane.

Team Liquid is quite reliant on Doublelift and Pobelter to win the game, as are most teams with their ADC and Mid carries. When battling KZ, neither of these lanes remains a winning matchup when left alone. If jungle pressure intervenes, the chances of Mlxg striking first is that much higher than Xmithie aiding his lanes. It is extremely unlikely that Team Liquid will be able to fulfill their win conditions when it comes to drafting or execution. And even if KZ cannot successfully pull off their team composition’s main goal, their overall strength, mechanics, and coordination should be more than enough to secure victory.

Betting prediction: Kingzone DragonX to win.

Magister Ludi
Magister Ludi