The Overwatch League Stage 2 Week 4

Week 3 of The Overwatch League Stage 2 is over and week 4 is already underway. Six more matches are left to be played this week and many of them constitute excellent betting opportunities. But before I start analyzing these matches, let’s take a look at the standings table.

Current standings table

  • 1st place: New York Excelsior (6 WINS – 1 LOSS)
  • 2nd place: Seoul Dynasty (6 WINS – 1 LOSS)
  • 3rd place: Los Angeles Gladiators (4 WINS – 2 LOSSES)
  • 4th place: London Spitfire (4 WINS – 2 LOSSES)
  • 5th place: Los Angeles Valiant (4 WINS – 2 LOSSES)
  • 6th place: Philadelphia Fusion (4 WINS – 3 LOSSES)
  • 7th place: Houston Outlaws (3 WINS – 3 LOSSES)
  • 8th place: Boston Uprising (3 WINS – 4 LOSSES)
  • 9th place: San Francisco Shock (2 WINS – 4 LOSSES)
  • 10th place: Dallas Fuel (2 WINS – 5 LOSSES)
  • 11th place: Florida Mayhem (1 WIN – 5 LOSSES)
  • 12th place: Shanghai Dragons (0 WINS – 7 LOSSES)

Betting predictions

Los Angeles Gladiators vs. Florida Mayhem

Match date: March 16th

The skill difference between these two teams is immense at the moment, so there’s really no chance for an upset here. Los Angeles Gladiators should win this match with ease and they will likely not drop a single map.

London Spitfire vs. San Francisco Shock

Match date: March 16th

This is another match with an almost predetermined outcome, simply because of the skill difference between the teams. London Spitfire won Stage 1 and is looking to repeat that performance in Stage 2, while San Francisco Shock finished Stage 1 in 9th place (3W – 7L) and is clearly nowhere near their opponent in terms of strength.

Los Angeles Valiant vs. Boston Uprising

Match date: March 16th

Based on their recent results, Los Angeles Valiant is no doubt in better shape and should win this dispute. However, taking into account all of these teams’ previous results, including their first direct encounter, I think this match could easily end with a victory for Boston Uprising. Last time they met, the Boston team destroyed the LA one without dropping a single map.

Seoul Dynasty vs. London Spitfire

Match date: March 17th

This is a great rematch between 2 giants and the result is difficult to predict. Based on the teams’ previous performances however, London Spitfire is the slight favorite but only by a little (45-55). No doubt, Seoul Dynasty will want revenge for that humiliating 0 – 4 defeat suffered against Spitfire on February 1st during Stage 1. But they’re still quite likely to lose against them again.

San Francisco Shock vs. Houston Outlaws

Match date: March 17th

If Houston Outlaws hasn’t lost all of its Stage 1 prowess, it should easily win this match. Because apart from Shanghai Dragons and Dallas Fuel (which is in complete disarray right now), San Francisco Shock lost to all of the other teams they played against.

Let’s not forget that Houston Outlaws finished Stage 1 in 3rd place and even though they struggle against tough opponents, they tend to beat weaker teams in a very convincing way.

Dallas Fuel vs. Philadelphia Fusion

Match date: March 17th

As I mentioned before, Dallas Fuel is going through some internal turmoil right now and was not a strong team to begin with. Subsequently, an opponent such as Philadelphia Fusion will likely have a field day against them in their current state.

Magister Ludi
Magister Ludi