The Overwatch League – Week 4 Predictions

We’re three weeks into The Overwatch League and after an extremely dominant start from Seoul Dynasty, New York Excelsior and London Spit Fire (who had been unbeaten in their first two weeks), the rest of the teams are now starting to catch up and adapt to their playstyle. As a result, during the 3rd week of The Overwatch League each of these three teams suffered their first defeat of the tournament. London Spitfire lost against Boston Uprising, New York Excelsior lost against Philadelphia Fusion, while Seoul Dynasty lost the battle of the giants against New York Excelsior. All of these matches were extremely close, ending with a 3-2 score.

Match Predictions

With the next round of matches quickly approaching (January 31 – February 3), here are our predictions for week 4:

Los Angeles Valiant vs Philadelphia Fusion

Based on the teams’ previous results, Philadelphia Fusion are a significantly better team than Los Angeles Valiant. So a 3-1 result in their favor is the most likely outcome of this match.

Florida Mayhem vs Los Angeles Gladiators

This should be a relatively easy victory for Los Angeles Gladiators.

Houston Outlaws vs San Francisco Shock

Houston Outlaws are likely to win this one without dropping a single map.

Philadelphia Fusion vs Dallas Fuel

Philadelphia Fusion are clear favorites for this dispute. The chance of an upset is very low.

New York Excelsior vs Shanghai Dragons

This will be an entirely one-sided affair, 4-0 for New York Excelsior almost for sure.

London Spitfire vs Seoul Dynasty

Statistics slightly favor Seoul Dynasty for this match. In principle they should be able to beat London Spitfire, considering the results from week 3.

San Francisco Shock vs Florida Mayhem

These two teams are of roughly the same strength, so a bet on either of them would be very risky.

Seoul Dynasty vs Houston Outlaws

Seoul Dynasty are a considerably better team, but are only slightly favored to win this match, due to Huston Outlaws’ recent form.

Los Angeles Gladiators vs Boston Uprising

Boston Uprising are very likely to win this match. As their last two victories against London Spitfire and Dallas Fuel proved, they are at the top of their game right now and should have no problem crushing a significantly weaker team such as Los Angeles Gladiators.

Shanghai Dragons vs London Spitfire

This is another “worst team vs top team” scenario, so an upset would be unthinkable. A 4-0 victory for London Spitfire is almost a certainty for this match.

Dallas Fuel vs New York Excelsior

New York Excelsior should easily take this match, either 4-0 or 3-1.

Boston Uprising vs Los Angeles Valiant

Based on the leaderboards statistics, Los Angeles Valiant are stronger. But the chance of an upset is so high that you should really stay away from this one.

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